Alittle About Me…

My name is Paul Carter-Quayle and since 2007 I have been building websites and offering friendly and affordable computer services in Cornwall, UK.

Tinkering with computers began in my early teens but my real serious interest began in 2007 when I was asked to manage a small Joomla CMS site for a festival I was co-running. This in turn quickly got me a job as web content assistant at University College Falmouth (now Falmouth University) co-managing their large database driven CMS site until 2009. Between 2009 and 2017 I built and managed a number of sites and offered computer services freelance here and there amidst a successful performance art career. Since leaving that behind for new adventures I have been offering computer and website services full time since 2017.

I am based in St Just, however for client visits I cover all of West Cornwall and sometimes further afield. I also welcome clients here in person in my office at home and am happy to connect and work remotely over email, phone, Teamviewer remote access software, or via Zoom / Skype depending on the clients needs.

As well as working with clients locally, I offer website, computer services, digital solution advice and tuition for clients throughout Cornwall, the UK and Internationally.