Frequently Asked Questions.

What makes a great website?

Like a shop interior should adequately represent a business’s brand in it’s nuisance of design, layout and general feel; acting as a brands physical home while evoking and aligning with their ethics, purpose and intentions… a great website should equally create the perfect digital home/space/identity that mirrors the business’s ethos through it’s every detail – design layout, functionality, accessibility and content. A great website should be coherent, concise, uncluttered, engaging, fast, secure and easily navigable, encouraging visitors to want to take time to explore the site to find out more about who you are, what you offer, and how they can engage via the site’s content and functionality, putting the user experience first.

You live so far away! How can you help me?

In lot’s of instances I can. If it’s a computer related issue where your computer is still bootable and accessible, I can login using remote access software such as TeamViewer. I’ll guide you to download the software and once opened you’d share your session login details to allow me to take control of your computer so I can diagnose and hopefully fix the issue. Your remote computer access login details will reset every time TeamViewer is closed to prevent unauthorised access to your computer to guarantee your computer is kept secure. While I use TeamViewer we can also communicate via phone, Whatsapp, Zoom or Skype to explain any specific issues.

I also offer computer and software tuition via Skype and Zoom allowing you to share your screen while I can talk you through the steps as you do them. I can also create and send you video instructional videos for computer, software or website related tuition in which I film my screen and talk you through the steps.

For clients with websites requiring maintenance or building outside of Cornwall I usually work solely remotely in a combination of email, phone, Whatsapp and Zoom/Skype communication.

What’s the Difference Between Domain Name and Web Hosting?

Well seeing as WP Beginners explain this so succinctly I’ll paraphrase them…

What is a Domain Name?

Domain name is the address of your website that people type in the browser’s URL bar to visit your website. In other words, if your website was a house, then your domain name will be its address.

What is Web Hosting?

Web hosting is the place where all the files of your website live. It is like the home of your website where it actually lives.


Domain names and web hosting are two different services. However, they work together to make websites possible. A good way to think about this is if the domain name was the address of your house, then web hosting is the actual house that address points to. All websites on the internet, need web hosting.

How much do you charge?

For both website and computer related work I charge by the hour at £28*, however if you would like me to provide you an estimate for a larger job to help you gauge costs please get in touch.

* Time charged per 15mins increments and if work sits between an increment it is rounded up to the next increment. For example 10mins is charged at 15mins and 2hrs 50mins would be charged at 3hrs.

What changes have you made to keep your customers safe from Covid-19?

I am following the necessary COVID 19 protocols for clients visiting my office at home or for when I make client visits, as well respecting any additional COVID precautions requested by my client. For those unable to meet in person I also offer remote services too. Please do contact me to discuss your requirements.